About Us

Coast Music is the Canadian distributor for Jupiter Brass and Woodwind.


In just over a decade, Coast Music, a division of Jam Industries, has established itself as Canada’s premier distributor of musical instruments and accessories. Facing many challenges in a fiercely competitive environment, Coast Music has distinguished itself by providing superior customer service and representing the integrity of its business partners, each a high profile leader in its respective market segment. Unprecedented professional service is combined with a formidable sales force. Each member of the team possesses a clear vision and understanding of their objectives.

A World of Quality Goes Into Every Jupiter Instrument

Jupiter has been creating band instruments that give musicians the confidence to be their best and fully express their creativity. Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned player, Jupiter makes a band instrument that fits your skill level and your budget. Jupiter players know that their instruments are built with quality and superior performance in mind. All Jupiter products are manufactured by its parent company; KHS Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. KHS was founded in 1930 and has grown to be one of the largest musical instrument producers in the world today. That remarkable growth is a result of designing, engineering and building the highest quality products without compromise.

Built To Give You Confidence

Every Jupiter band instrument, regardless of price, is built to stringent Jupiter manufacturing specifications. The remarkable consistency and excellence of Jupiter products is, in part, the result of an environment committed to its employees and a continuous investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. All Jupiter instruments are produced in Jupiter’s wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer — the world’s benchmark for manufacturing excellence.

The Best Materials From Around The World

Jupiter understands that in order for you to have confidence in your gear, you have to sound and look your best while performing. This is why Jupiter painstakingly selects the finest materials from around the world to build your instrument. Jupiter uses the premium nickel silver and brass from Japan, unrivaled coating metals from the UK, refined polishing compounds from the USA, mouth pieces engineered in Germany, cork from the wine countries of Italy and France, specialized adhesives from Canada and the finest lubricating compounds from Switzerland.

Tested In The Real World

Jupiter is in constant contact with its network of performing artists, educators, repair technicians and dealers who see the instruments under “real world” conditions. These professionals have participated in the design and testing of Jupiter products, ensuring that your instrument is durable, flexible and capable of responding to the subtle nuances of a variety of players in a variety of performance situations.